Seek first the Kingdom

Cut on Finger Healed

My wife cut her finger while looking through her purse to find the house key. We were in a hurry to get somewhere, so I simply placed my hand on it and prayed “In Jesus name, be healed” while we were driving. A few minutes later she exclaimed, “It doesn’t hurt anymore!” We looked carefully once we reached our destination and the bleeding has stopped and all that was left was a tiny scratch, barely visible.


Wrist Pain Gone

Two friends were talking together at church last Sunday. One of them mentioned she had wrist pain. The other said, quite casually, “Pain leave, in Jesus’ name.” Suddenly the pain left and has not come back!


Knot in Back Disappears

As we were praying on Sunday for a woman, the knot in her back slowly started to disappear until it was completely gone.